Track Attack Wednesday 8/14

Wednesday 8/14 Track AttackWe are getting into our first mile repeat of the year. This workout has the most variation of any we will do all year and is a classic ladder workout.


Again, we want to attempt to maintain the same pace through all the intervals. The first 400’s & 800 should feel relatively easy. The 1600 will flip the switch into hard. Good news is that after that it keeps getting shorter and thus “easier” after that. This is the perfect workout to practice the negative split. The last 2 – 400’s are the perfect opportunity to push the pace if you can.

Remember: 4 seconds per 400 = 15 sec per mile pace. Just picking it up a little bit makes a huge difference.
Weather – 5:30am – 65 degrees and cloudy.6PM – 78 degrees and partly cloudy.

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