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Winter group runs update

Our winter runs from the Derryfield Country Club park and ride lot start this Wednesday evening. Options include route options from 3 to 9 miles.

Note the start time is 5 pm, ready to run. This is a change from our originally stated time.

Don’t forget your reflective gear!

Updates: Mill Cities Relay, winter group runs

As I sit here at my kitchen counter to share some updates, I can’t believe the summer months have already slipped by and the trees are well on their way to shedding all their leaves (the oaks in my backyard still have plenty, but they are always the last to go).

Anyway, the days are getting shorter and with the time change just around the corner, which means we will begin Wednesday night runs from the Derryfield Country Club park and ride lot on November 9. The group heads out at 5:30 p.m. and there are options for distances ranging from 3 – 9 miles. Be sure to bring reflective gear and a headlamp. Our friends over at Runner’s Alley have a great selection of night running gear if you need something.

Next up is Mill Cities Relay (Sunday, Dec. 4). Cap’n John held a round table last week and we built a number of scoring teams and assigned captains, who should be reaching out to you soon. If you have an idea for your own team, please reach out. Also, we do our best to keep track of runners year-over-year, but inevitably will miss a name or two, so please speak up if you don’t hear from someone soon.

Finally, the board met and voted to not hold the annual holiday party moving forward. In the past, this has been a fairly costly endeavor and, due to the time of year, it seems a large portion of the club is unable to attend. Instead, we’ll look to host a pre-season kickoff sometime after the new year and more social events throughout the year.

Alright, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates on Mill Cities and other activities throughout the fall and winter.

Timm Huffman