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GMRC Club News: leader elections, Boston bibs


I hope everyone is enjoying a happy, healthy holiday season.  As the year comes to an end, so does our race season.  After a very successful Mills Cities Relay, we are now looking forward as a club to the new year. 

With this comes some club business and elections for the board.  It is an election year, and therefore we will have club elections.  Please respond to Muriel at dmajs@comcast.net, she is club secretary, with your intention if you chose to run for an office.  We have President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and fifth member who would break any ties that may arise and takes care of membership.  Please respond by Friday, January 6th with your intention and we will send out an email for elections the following week. Once this takes place, the board will set a date for middle to end of January to start business for the 2023 season.

We have had a pause with the Boston Athletic Association and Invitational Boston Marathon numbers secondary to Covid and their new process.  I am happy to announce that Eddie Ithier and myself worked on the new process and did the daunting process of requesting numbers for the 2023 Boston Marathon.  We have been advised that we received two Invitational numbers for the 2023 marathon.  One of the numbers was distributed to club member Jillian Granucci who was awarded the number from the club to run Boston in 2020 but did not get the opportunity to run due to Covid cancelling the marathon.  The final number will be awarded to a dues-paying club member based on the following:

  • Someone who has qualified but did not make the registration for 2023
  • Someone who has attempted to qualify multiple times, however, just hasn’t been able to
  • Finally, if no one fits into the above, any interested club member can submit their name and we will do it as a raffle drawing

Please note that Invitational numbers are not free and the cost is $375 to enter.  Anyone who is interested has to be ready to pay this fee to register for the race.  I would like to choose the lucky recipient by December 31st, so if you have any interest, please respond to me at dmajs@comcast.net.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at the above email address.  Have a happy, healthy, holiday season.