Track News and Notes:

Night Track is starting at 5:30pm for the rest of the season to avoid running in the dark. The plan is to continue for the next 2 weeks and then transition to the Wednesday night 5 & 9 miler from Derryfield Country Club for the late fall/winter months.

I will keep morning track going as close to Mill Cities (Dec 8th) as I can depending on the weather.

Wednesday Track 10/16

Wednesday 10/16 Track Attack!

4x 1200’s This is perhaps my favorite distance to run repeats at. It’s long enough to really challenge the aerobic system but doesn’t quite make you hang on for dear life the way mile repeats do. Plus, to really build strength for 10k-marathon training you can keep adding repeats with a 400m jog in between.

5:30am – our first chilly morning! 38 degrees with no wind. Might be time for a vest or some gloves.
5:30pm – NOTE THE NEW TIME! It is getting too dark to keep running at 6pm so we are switching back to 5:30 for the last few weeks. 58 degrees. Rain should hold off until 7 or 8pm.

Track Wednesday 10/9

Wednesday 10/9 Track 

Here it is! The 1 we having be building up to for the whole year. 3x 1600! 

It is a true test of both physical and mental fortitude. Each one will feel a little harder than the last and you need to make sure you do not go out too hard on the first one.

Weather: 5:30 am – 47 degrees with a light breeze

6:00pm: 56 degrees and cloudy, light breeze

See you in the morning! Coach P

GMRC Board Meeting

Next Tuesday, Oct 8th at 6pm at Milly’s Tavern.

We will be discussing the fall/winter calendar, Mill Cities, Gear and other topics. The more the merrier!