Urban Jungle Trail Series

Coming off the smashing success of the Summer Track Series we are looking to parlay this momentum into our next “big thing”

We are looking to promote the awesome trails inside our fair city’s limits by partnering with Parks & Rec to help clean up, widen, map, create signage & finally hold a race at.

We have courses lined up at Derryfield Park, Livingston Park and are currently scouting one at Rock Rimmon Park on the West Side.

We hope to pull one off this fall and then set up all 3 for 2020. To do this we will need lots of volunteers! Please email me @ [email protected] and we will get this series off the ground!

Wednesday Track 8-7-19

We are back to the killer ladder workout! 400/800/1200/1200/800/400

This should feel much better than last time. The 1200 is my favorite distance to lock in pace and get the aerobic system powerful. They are hard, but thats the point! It makes racing easier!!~

Weather: 5:30am – 67 degrees with a light breeze. 6:00pm – 79 degrees, 35% chance of rain. Might cool things off!


Hello Everyone! Looks like some Thunder Storms will move in just south of us in Nashua and Derry. It’s possible it will rain hard in Manchester from 3:30-5:30 but will be clearing. As of now, no new storms behind it so we still hold track. BE ADVISED : It may still get cancelled (or start late) as a SAFEY FIRST approach will be used.
NHIAA regulations require a 30 min wait after a lighting or thunder strike in your area. We will keep you posted.

Thank You BBQ!

As a way to say thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped with the Summer Track Series I will be hosting a BBQ this Sunday at my house at 4pm. Come on by for some grilled foods and beverages to celebrate the great success we had this year! The event is open to all club members, but please shoot me an RSVP [email protected] to let me know you are coming and with how many. I’ll have a big cooler of beverages and grilled meats. Let do a Pot Luck for your favorite side dishes, salads & veggies & desserts.

All told our last meet was the biggest meet of the 3 years we have been doing this last night.  Over 120 kids entered in multiple events and we had 307 completed races/events.  We ended the friends and family 4×1 in the dark!
Next year I’ll ask Parks and rec if I can turn the lights for so we can rock a proper night event! Over the 3 meets (one got rained out) we had just over 300 kids compete 679 times!  This was by far the most successful series we have done!

We will also be looking to recruit more club members to help set up the next exciting series: The Urban Jungle Series!