Wild Rover 3 – race series

Wild Rover 3 – race series 

Getting fit for spring has never been so fun. With three races of various distances, personalized bibs, artistically designed interlocking medals and Irish-themed post-race parties, the Wild Rover Racing Series is sure to get your Irish eyes a-smiling! Registration for all races opens on January 6, and all three are expected to sell out. Each of the three race medals interlock with each other for a really cool and unique lucky charm. Visit to sign up today. Three weeks and three races give you triple the fun.

Interested?   GMRC runners qualify for a nice discount($20.00)outlined below:

For club members who are signing up INDIVIDUAL for the SERIES, the Discount Code is – GMRC34

For those members who are taking advantage of the SIGN UP WITH A Friend special, (two club members on the same registration transaction) the Discount code is GMRC43

Don’t for get to let us know how you did…we would love to brag for you!!



Mill Cities: Set yourself up for success

Just wanted to share a few tips that have made my teams life easier as I have captained a team for about 10 years and things have gone smoothly.

1.) Communication: I always have a list of my teammates cell phone numbers and start a text chain before Sunday. Usually one team is scrambling to call someone who is late Sunday morning and no one has their number. Also makes sharing pictures during/after the race easier.

2.) Organization: Make a plan with your team about who is driving and where you’re going. There is a set of maps for the race/transition area’s here: I would print all these out before the race and keep in the front seat on a clip board so someone can help navigate. You can also use 1 persons phone as a navigation tool. Drop pins before the race starts at every transition area and you can set a new course in your smart phones map feature to make sure no one gets lost.

3.) Smooth transitions: Every year at a transition a runner comes in after giving it their all and his/her teammate is no where to be found. It’s a bummer. Don’t let it happen to your team!

Tip 1: Don’t linger at transition area’s. Once a runner comes in, have some water for them and then get to the vehicle. They can cool down with the runner who is warming up at the next transition.

Tip 2: Give the team your “best case” time it will take you to run your leg and have the next runner be at the start line 5 minutes before that time. The outgoing runner can do plyometrics and strides to stay warm and finish off their warmup and you will never miss your runner!

Tip 3: Runner 3 (2.5 miles) to Runner 4 (9.5 miles) transition: This is a tight turnover b/c of the short leg and traffic congestion in both transition area’s. The runner running the 9.5 mile leg will not have a ton of time to warm up if you drive to the boathouse and start there (5-10 minutes or so). I have seen 3 ways to help this. 1.) Have Runner 4 do a bit of their warm up with runner 3 and finish it at the boathouse. 2.) Drop runner 4 a mile short of the boat house and they can run up to the transition area. 3.) We had a very strong 4th runner who would take off as soon as we got to runner 3’s start and run the 2.5 miles to the boathouse for the start of their leg.


Mill Cities Race Details

Meet at Stark Brewing , 500 Commercial St, Manchester, NH 03101, between 6:00am – 6:15am.  Your Captain will need to collect $10 if you are a member or $20 if you are not an official member.  Packets will be handed out to team captain upon payment.  Last cars rolls out at 6:30am  for the start of the race so plan accordingly! 

Race Details:  8 am start @ Eagles Wing Function Hall, 10 Spruce Street, Nashua, NH.

​Team Cars need to leave race start around 7:30/7:45 to get to 1st exchange.

Want more race details? Look here:

Don’t forget about the 6th leg (After Party). THE SIXTH LEG CELEBRATION: This competition is a celebration of running, camaraderie, and friendship. It is also a year end party to the running year. We will follow the race with our awards ceremony that will be held at the finish at the Claddagh Pub located on 399 Canal St., in Lawrence, MA. Soup, Cote’s famous beans, pasta, bread and salad will be provided. Each competitor will receive a Mill Cities gift. Following the awards’ presentation, the party continues with music and fun. 

For those that need to get back early and won’t stay long at the pub: There are always a few cars that head back early. Never a problem getting folks back when they need to. Just speak up about your time constraints!


Club Holiday Party- This Friday Dec 6th!

Hello Everyone! It is that time of year again so lets get ready to party this coming Friday Dec 6th at the Great North Aleworks!!! 

Don’t forget to bring some cash for 50/50 raffle! We will have some awesome prizes to give away as well! Great food and local beers to share with friends as we get fired up for the Mill Cities Relay!

Please RSVP on the e-vite below so we can get an accurate headcount.