Mill Cities Relay 12/8/19

Save the date for the Mill Cities Relay! Sunday Dec 8th 2019
For those that have never run this race I highly encourage you to get on a team this year. The traditional end of the 2019 race calendar, the club enters teams in every 10 year age group in the 3 categories (female, male, co-ed).

5 people to a squad that race 27 miles from Nashua to Lawrence Mass along the banks of the mighty Merrimack. It ends at a fantastic party with lots of great food and beverage at the end. This is a great way to recruit your friends to become new members!

Every club also needs to supply volunteers to help the race function as it is a club only event that is self run. Please let us know if you are interested in running or volunteering below!
More info and race legs can be found here:

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