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Track Workout 4/13 (change of plans)

We are once again facing the issues with Spring track.  The track is not available this week April 13th or next week April 20th as there is a high school meet.  West is also unavailable.  So coach Ed has come up with a plan to get some hill training in this week.
We will be running hill repeats at Deerfield park this Wednesday beginning at 5:30.  Coach Ed has a great plan for a workout so be there or be square!
AM track begins this week at 5:30 a.m.  The water is on, the bathrooms are open, and there is nothing going on at 5:30 a.m. that would get teenagers out of bed!
Two great options to chose from.  Hope to see everyone out there this week.
See EVENTS for more details.

Runner’s Alley – Saturday Run

FYI, coach Ed is leading the 8am Runners Alley run tomorrow, 3+ miles, all paces. If you are interested, Runners Alley has casual group runs all year round!! Come on…you know you want to run! DO IT!

Run Saturday with Ed

Announcements Track Workouts

Morning Workouts are Back!

The water is on in the bathrooms! That means the morning workouts can start. Hopefully it will be warmer and less windy than tonight! I know Kathy would make a beautiful poem about this but I am going to try anyway.

The water is on, the toilets do flush.
Morning workouts! Oh, what a rush!
How happy are we,
That we can easily pee,
Without having to find a suitable bush.
I am sorry! See you at 5:30AM on Wednesdays.