Boston Marathon Numbers

GMRC is happy to announce that the B.A.A. has given GMRC 3 (three) numbers for the 2020 Boston Marathon. 

Over the last few months, our former Club president, Muriel Saliba, has worked tirelessly with the B.A.A., as they have several new rules for the invitational numbers.  We are very lucky to have Muriel on our team!  A big THANK YOU  to Muriel for all her work!


1. You must pay your dues for the year 2020.  (This is both a GMRC rule and B.A.A. rule)

2.  The numbers are not free.  The cost is $375.00 and will need to be mailed in with your application.
If you do not send in the application and money by February 1, the price increases by $150 for total applicant fee of $525.00, and there will be no acceptance of registration after February 14th, 2020.  

3. These numbers are for club members only.  If your name is drawn, we ask that you do not give to your mother, father, brother, best friend, worst friend, sister, aunt, get the message.  

If you are interested in a number, please email Muriel @

If you QUALIFIED for the 2020 Boston Marathon but missed the cut off, please include a link to your certified qualifying race. (BAA rules state certified Marathon on or after September 15, 2018. Also include your time.


GMRC Board.

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