Vote for your GMRC board

Happy first day of Spring! Nominations for club officers are in and we are ready for you to cast your vote. 

This year, we had one nomination for each board position. So, instead of voting for individual names for specific positions, you will simply cast your vote to approve/disapprove the following slate of candidates:

Election ticket:

  • President – Timm Huffman
  • Vice-president – Julia Huffman
  • Membership Director – Narri Dowd
  • Treasurer – Peter Madden
  • Secretary – Muriel Saliba

If the button above does not appear or function properly, please click here to launch the ballot.

Note: the ballot is hosted on Google Forms and may be restricted if attempting to access from some corporate networks. 

Thank you for taking a few moments to cast your vote.

Happy Running!

Your GMRC Board


Now accepting nominations!


We will be holding elections for club officers this month. Our by-laws call for elections every four years. However, due to several key vacancies, we will hold them this year instead of next. 

Elections will take place in two phases over the next four weeks. Phase 1 is the nomination process, which will be held March 3 – 15. Phase 2 is the election process, which will be held from March 16-31. 

Your current board:

  • President – James Porter (stepping down)
  • Vice-president – Kathy Jaworksi (stepping down)
  • Narri Dowd – Membership Director
  • Peter Madden – Treasurer
  • Timm Huffman – Secretary

How it works

During the nomination phase, you may nominate yourself or another member of the club (please check with them first) for one of five positions – president, vice president, treasurer, membership director, and secretary. The link to nominate is below.

The nominations will be consolidated onto a ticket, which will be distributed to the club for electronic voting, March 16-31. At the end of the election period, the elected officers will be announced.

To make a nomination for the board, please click the link below.

Make a Nomination