Easterseals 5k next Thursday

A great local race and cause to be a part of.
The Eversource Easter Seals 5k walk / run on Thursday June 6th at 6:30 pm in Downtown Manchester

GMRC has a team!

Sign up here: https://www.easterseals.com/nh/get-involved/events/eversource-walk-5k-run-2019.html

Coaches Corner #4

After morning track last week I had an excellent conversation with a few of our amazing female masters runners. One was having some hamstring issues and I noticed a minor imperfection in her form that probably 7 or 8 out of 10 have. They slightly stick there butt out when they run because of slight pelvic tilt forward. Usually this is caused by not activating the glutes (butt muscles) when running. It causes some misalignment in the body. Ideally you want your head, over your shoulders, shoulders over you rib cage, rib cage over your hips. If your glutes are not engaged you are: losing the power of your second biggest running muscles & throwing off the alignment of your upper AND lower body.

If you think of your hips as a toilet bowl filled with water, you want to make sure that no water is spilling out the front. Engaging the glutes and pulling your hips under just a touch will pull everything into alignment. You will run smoother and also take unneeded stress of your knees, IT bands, low back and hamstrings. You should also get a slight boost in your stride length (.5-1.5 inches per stride) as you are not compressing the hip flexors. With 600-800 foot strikes per mile (depending on your turnover rate) you are talking gaining 25′ – 100′ per mile with out any extra effort!

Here is an outstanding article to read if you want to dork out about it more: https://www.runnersworld.com/advanced/a20847674/its-all-in-the-hips/

Track Attack 5/22/19

FINALLY SPRING IS HERE!!!! The weather is getting warmer so it’s time to run faster! This week we keep upping the ante on the 800’s. 4x (400/800)! We will need to dig deep until we get to the 1200’s before these 800’s feel short. I know I was gassed last week on that last 800.

Weather at 5:30am: 48 degrees, 11mph wind. Sun rise is at 5:16 so no headlamps needed!!!

Weather at 6:00pm: 68 degrees w/ 10mph winds

Don’t forget to pick up your GMRC sticker and buff once you have paid your yearly membership! If you have not, pay here: https://www.gmrcnh.org/shop/

Wednesday Track, 5/15/19

Wednesday Track!

We add another 800 this week to get the legs used to running faster for longer. 3x (400/400/800), remember the lessons from last week. Keep the repetitions smooth and know your finish target times are. Check that pace against the split chart also you know what you should be at when you hit the 200m mark. 

Weather at 5:30am: 40-ish and cloudy, no wind.
Weather at 6:00pm: 59, partly sunny, 8-10mph wind.

Don’t forget a good warm up and cool down is a key part of any great workout!